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A New Year and waiting for the riding season to start again!!

However now looking at what to do, well apart from pulling a Bike apart for some well-earned service, or just to change things a bit, we are looking at planning our year of where to go and what Rallies to attend.

We have of course our own Rally “The Wallace Rally” to be held again at Perth Racecourse for the second time, following a very successful first year at this new location, after moving from Stirling Rugby Club where it was held for 24 years, we hope we will you can come along.

No real plans as yet for the rest of the year but I’m sure dates will quickly fill up, but suffice to say we will be out there with a few wee trips to the European Mainland on the cards.

Always looking for new blood of likeminded Harley Davidson Riders, if this appeals, get in touch through our Facebook Page and Groups, or even better get in touch to join us.

As I’ve said, if you want to part of this "Fine Wee Club", of likeminded Harley Davidson Riders, who like a Pint or two and a wee party, why not get in touch.

Phone/E-Mail myself or Hazel our Secretary, and for a wee fee you could join us, and get involved.

See you on the road, or even better along with us.


Donald Etherington
CHC President

to go

The 27th Wallace Rally

The Wallace Rally

24th - 28th May 2018


Non-Harleys by Caledonia Harley Club invite only.

Information coming soon

See you at the Rally!



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The Wallace Rally


24th-28th May 2018

Wallace 2016



Caledonia Harley Club
invite only.

Information coming soon

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